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Friday, August 2, 2013

Titainium is my fave music video!!! Hope u like it as much as I do. (and I like it a lot)
The question is, why are the cops after him? Why is the boy running away? I don't get it.


Best Music Video ever made!!!


  1. Q - Why are the cops after him?
    A - Because he is supernatural, or most commonly known as ''alien''. Apparently, they want to kill him.

    Q - Why is the boy running away?
    A - Nobody likes to be murdered.
    Baibai Shannon!

  2. Sheesh sorry. Now that I think of someone running away from the cops it would of been pretty obvious that he didn't want to get murdered. Maybe I didn't think it through.

    See u at LOCKER DAY!!! And when school starts.