Doodle Art Videos!!!!

OMG!!! Doodle Art Videos are coming to my blog super shortly. They will also be on my YouTube channel or if not it will be on my friends channel (my channel is working cuz I didn't post any videos) I will link them below. Hope you like my vids!!! Please comment!!!

Shannonroars ( channel)
Cyber Kelly (channel)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

my Pics

Me doing a video Call with my bestie!!!!
(popularme101 and cybear Kelly)

Our Crazy Wacky Videos

Me and my friends made a really cool video which are called, Crazy Wacky Messed Up Video and Crazy Wacky Video 2. One of my friends also has her own blog. I will link it below. Please coment on them!!!

   We were bored out of our minds so we made this
                                                 We just wanted our craziness to be shown out to the world.    
20 Fun Facts About Me!!!

1. I <3 hamsters
2. I know Cybear Kelly/blueismypassion (in real life)
3. My favorite color is blue
4. Iam 11 years old
5. I have 1 parakeet
6. my favorite fruit is raspberries/ brownies
7. my fave ice cream is mint chocolate chunk
8. I recently made a video with my friends
9. I can't wait to go to middle school
10. I like wavy hair (I have straight hair though)
11. I like pie
12. I hate peanut butter
13. NEVER call me Shanny!!!!
14. Iam Irish
15. My best friend has ALOT of freckles
16. I like reading
17. I paint my nails often
18. I only had 5 sleepovers in my whole life
19. I have big feet
20. My best friend is Cybear Kelly!!!! :D

Grand Opening!!!:)

It's my grand opening for my new blog!!! Hope you like it!!!